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About Us

RAZIQ AHZA RESOURCES (003356871-W) registered on 19hb May 2016. During the early years of its operation, digital and ‘online’ platform such as Facebook (sejadah), WhatsApp and Instagram was the medium of choice as it provide us wider coverage and opportunity at the same time it is most commonly used. Through this platform we are able to reach customers as far as Brunei Darul Salam. 

Our primary focus is authentic Sejadah (Muslim Prayer Mat) which was made in Turkey. We mainly focus on Turkey Made Sejadah as we are confident that it is purely made by Muslims and not forgetting the fact that the personals involved are Muslims. 

At we do get offers from country such as India and China, upon knowing that they are not Muslim we decided to focus only on Sejadah made and manufactured from Turkey as we can rest assured the owner and the whole process is Halal.

On the 6th January 2022, the ownership of the company was transferred to our eldest daughter due to health factor and for the continuation of the company. Also to give exposure and as a learning curve to her.

Nevertheless our company is spearhead by individuals with vast experience both in business and office management. These experience is essentials to ensure our journey is more constructive on achieving our mission to be the main importer of Turkish made Sejadah in this region.